07.07.07 and the 7 Wonders

These kinds of numbers are a perfectionist’s dream. They are usually called a palindrome, since they are the same forward and backwards.

On this day, the New7Wonders organization named the new Seven Wonders of the world. This was the first time when people from around the world were able to vote via internet and SMS.

And the winner’s are:

Brazil’s Statue of Christ Redeemer, Peru’s Machu Picchu, Mexico’s Chichen Itza pyramid, China’s Great Wall, Jordan’s Petra, Italy’s Colosseum in Rome and India’s Taj Mahal.

Some of these sights are incredible. They are human-made creations that leave us in complete awe. But how much more breath-taking are the creations of God. These newly-elected seven wonders of the world have brought a lot of attention to the ingenuity of humans. I am wondering what would happen if we pondered on the works of God?

“Great are the works of the LORD; they are pondered by all who delight in them. Glorious and majestic are his deeds, and his righteousness endures forever. He has caused his wonders to be remembered; the LORD is gracious and compassionate” (Ps 111:2-4).

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