07.07.07 and the 7 Wonders

These kinds of numbers are a perfectionist’s dream. They are usually called a palindrome, since they are the same forward and backwards. On this day, the New7Wonders organization named the new Seven Wonders of the world. This was the first time when people from around the world were able to vote via internet and SMS. […]

Travels and the Family

People have always asked me how I maintain my family life in the midst of all my travels. I will have to admit that it is not easy balancing everything. But here are some things that help me keep the focus as well as doing everything that God has called me to do. There are […]

Trip to Indonesia and Malaysia

I will be leaving for Indonesia and Malaysia this coming Monday. I have heard that God is doing some great things out in these countries. As I go to these places, I will be asking God to give me His eyes and ears to see and hear what the Spirit of God is doing in […]

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