The Hannah Montana Craze

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As I shared in my Easter Celebration message, the Hannah Montana craze is getting out of hand. The problem is not so much the young kids, but the parents. It is amazing to see what lengths some parents would do to get tickets to a Hannah Montana’s concert. Just Google “Priscilla Ceballos” and there are close to 80,000 pages on the mother who made her daughter lie about her father dying in the Iraqi War in order to get free Hannah Montana tickets.

Today, I read an article about a father who ran a 40-yard dash in high heels in order to win Hannah Montana ticket. But the problem is that he lied to his company and is now charged with workers compensation fraud.

The parent’s heart always wants to give things to their children because it is an expression of love, but when is it too much? The sad fact is that many parents will go to extreme measures at the expense of violating important principles and reinforcing negative character traits.

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