Day 23 of Destiny

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It is hard to believe we have passed the half way point for our 40-Days to Destiny campaign. It has been encouraging to see many people in our church follow the reading plan. Even as we have been journaling some of our thoughts on the reading, it is awesome to see that the focus is constantly on the importance of spiritual growth throughout these 40 days.

As we are looking forward to the April 13th service, where we will take a Miracle Sunday Offering and participate in a 2-year pledge, I am praying that there will be a great response from the people of God.

A lesson that God has been teaching me over and over again is that we are always willing to give when we are blessed and spiritual growing. God placed this phrase in my heart this morning as I was praying, “We give when we are grateful, growing in grace and grasping more of His glory.” If we are experiencing these things, why can’t we reach our target? Nothing will be impossible.

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