New Beginnings 2008

Yesterday, Christina and I sat down and set some new goals for our marriage, our family and our sphere of influence. This is something that we have always done from the start of our marriage back in 1996.

This gives us a purpose and a target to strive for throughout the new year… without it we will be settling for the status quo, which will always lead to a slow deterioration.

Then on June 1st which is our wedding anniversary and mid-way through the year, we have a time of evaluation and check-up to see if we are on target. I don’t know how many times we have been off target due to busyness or just plain neglect.

This year we have decided to use the 3 I’s (I can’t help it) – Intimacy, Investment, and Influence. There are specific and tangible goals under these categories so that we can make sure that we are advancing in our marriage and our family life.

We are excited about the new year.

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