Faithfulness in Small Things

Today I sort of took a half day from work (ministry), even though I had a lot of things to do. I realized that it is so easy to get excited about ministry and transforming the world, but when it comes to some of the little things around the house it can become very tedious (bottom line is that it does not invigorate me).

But I have been teaching some of my disciples this principle – responsibility is not about feelings but about obedience. There are a lot of things in life that we might not really like doing but we still have to do it anyways because it is part of our responsibility.

Therefore, today I mounted a small mirror in the hallway, put up two pictures in the family room and then fixed the underside of Christina’s car, which by the way, I ruined up by running over a rock – well, a big rock. Then I went to the tire store to get my front two tires replaced.

These kinds of things always test my heart. Can I be just as excited about doing these things as I am about preaching? Can I be just as faithful in doing these things as I am about meeting up with people?

It really hit home for me today when Christina said, “When you take care of these things for me and the family, it shows that you love us and care for us.” I realized how moronic and self-centered I was when I complained about not having enough time or not taking the initiative in taking care of these things. One important ministry in my life is to my family and I want to do it well with the help of God’s grace.

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