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Over the years, we have been criticized for various things as a church. Some people have come and criticized us for our worship style – we don’t sing enough hymns, it is too loud, it is too spontaneous, song selection, and the list goes on and on. But the funny part of all this is that for every criticism we have heard testimonies about how our worship times have really ministered to people.

My conclusion – we cannot please everyone. This is why we have many different churches for many different people. This is the beauty of the Body of Christ.

I am always encouraged when I come across other churches that are also flowing in our style of worship. I am meeting more people who have a passion for a prophetic style of worship that allows the Holy Spirit to lead people spontaneously.

It is my desire to see more people in our church trained to flow in this direction. Also, it will be great to see more people trained up to lead other people in this type of worship. In fact, as we are planning to plant more churches in the future, we will need more people to be raised up.

I realized that it is not just praise leading or participating on the worship team, but we want to train up people with gifts for the audio and visuals – simply, anything that will help facilitate worship for the people of God.

Our first class will start this coming Saturday. Don’t forget to sign up on our website. HMCC membership will be a prerequisite and hopefully in the future we can open it up to more people outside of HMCC.

Here are the units that will be covered in this four-part class:

1) Unit I: Foundations of Worship
2) Unit II: Fundamentals of Worship
3) Unit III: Facilitation of Worship

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