Another Snow Day

As a kid I remember loving the snow days when school was canceled. But now as a parent, I have some different thoughts on it.

Early this morning the kids’ schools called and left messages on the answering machine that school will be closed. After I came back from morning prayer, I was a bit shock because the weather was not that bad. In fact, by 6:30AM a lot of the streets were plowed.

I was thinking, “what is going on in our generation?” I remember going to school when the weather and the roads were worst, but we still had school. Have we gotten too wimpy and now we are pampering the children too much?

Even though snow days do not really affect our family too much, but I was thinking about all the families where they have both parents working or even some of the single parent homes. Whenever there is a snow day, they usually have to take a day off work because they have to watch their kids.

There is something about suffering or hardships that develop character in a unique way. When we make things too comfortable, we produce character traits that will not be able to go through the difficulties of life. Maybe I am just an old school guy that believes in the school of hardknocks.

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