Boys in the Kitchen?

Now that my parents are here there are a lot of “stuff” that might be potential landmines. One thing that my mom had strong views about was the fact that my brother and I should not be in the kitchen. I know what some of you are thinking… “man, is that sexism and male chauvinism or WHAT?!” Trust me… I do not espouse that view (at least not anymore… ha!). Christina has broken me down 🙂

But recently my mom got a rude awakening when she found out that my boys like to be in the kitchen baking things. Yes, you have heard me correctly. This is true discipleship at work by a woman who refuses to allow her boys to continue in the generational “curse”… haha!

I know that it will be my parents temptation to do things “their way” while Christina and I are gone for 13 days. But sometimes God can use little children to teach even grandparents a thing or two.
Boys in the Kitchen.jpg
I had to take a picture of the boys in the kitchen baking some brownies under the watchful eye of grandma. The brownies were surprisingly very good!