Giving Away Our Wish List

As the kids got older, we started to implement a wish list for Christmas. In this list we would have 3 categories (3 M’s): 1) Most Expensive, 2) Moderately Expensive, 3) Minimally Expensive. The number of items would decrease as we move towards the “most expensive.” There is a greater probability that we might not get the items in the “most expensive” category but the “minimally expensive” gifts are usually good to go.

But recently, our family decided together (with some of us more reluctant) to not do the wish list for this year.

Christina and I decided that we wanted to teach our kids the importance of developing a generous heart, especially during Christmas as we reflect on the greatest gift given to us by God.

I had the task of trying to explain to the kids that this year we were going to use the money for buying presents for one another and then donate it to some under-provided families who are struggling to see the joy in Christmas.

It was a hard sell, but I reminded the kids that they have uncles and aunts who love them so much that they will at least get some gifts.

I realized that it is always tough going counter-cultural in a season where consumerism is paramount, but sometimes it is more blessed to give than to receive (Ac 20:35)

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