To Stay or To Go

I don’t know if you have heard of the recent news about James Kim, a senior editor of CNET. I really enjoyed some of his reviews on various gadgets, therefore it was a bit sad to hear that he passed away.

It really made me think about the dilemma he was in. What would I do?

His car was stranded with his wife and 2 daughters, one was 4 years old and the other was only 7 months old. The family was coming back home to San Francisco after a trip out to Portland when they got lost and their car got stuck in the snow on the remote road.

They were running out of food and they tried to keep warm with the car running on the remaining tank of gasoline. There was no help to be found.

The old adage is “remain where you are and people will find you.”

But would any guy (father and husband) just sit there while his family is hungry and freezing? If I was in that situation, I think I would have done the same thing. This story just broke my heart.

In digression, I think every car should have a GPS. It should not be an option for only the rich. It is kind of like the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) that came with only the high end cars, but now most cars come with it. Also, when the airbag first came out, it was only for the expensive cars but now every car has it built in for safety.

I don’t know if he was a believer or not, but I pray that his two daughter will grow up knowing that their father did everything that he could to find help for them and that he was motivated by love.

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