No Way Out

        I don’t know if you feel like this picture sometimes. We see all the “way out” signs, but sometimes it feels as if there is “no way out.” Sometimes I come across various pictures that communicate different messages. I was thinking about when we are in the middle of a decision, […]

2008 NCAA March Madness

        It is about that time again when the Kim family prints out the NCAA tourney bracket and does some research on, then finally fills out the brackets. It is kind of funny how each person is a little different. Some are methodical in their approach. Others are carefree as they […]

Happenings in Chicago

I arrived in Chicago on Saturday; and Pastor Jimmy and I went to the bowling alley because they were having a fundraiser for their missions trip. It was fun hanging out with the Chicago church members in a different setting. I ended up bowling a game. It was a rough for the first three frames […]

Hard Choices by Leaders

Leadership is always about influence and setting the example for people to follow. Too often people fall into the trap of thinking that leadership is about a position; but truthfully, I have met some pretty bad positional leaders. I was blessed just recently by Christina with a decision she made. One of her good friends […]

Easter Preparations

I think in the midst of everything that is going on in our church, we have somewhat lost focus for this coming Easter. Believe it or not, it is coming up in 10 days. The title of this Easter’s sermon series is called, “Phenomenon.” There are many phenomenons recorded in history that will “wow” people, […]

Prayer for the 40-Days

I was reading something this morning and I came across this quote by Luis Palau, “You can read all the manuals on prayer and listen to other people pray, but until you begin to pray yourself you will never understand prayer. It’s like riding a bicycle or swimming: You learn by doing.” We have been […]

Old Covenant Small Group Members

It is always awesome to reconnect with old HMCC members. Today, Charles and Joyce Kim (and their kids) came to AA for a visit and they are staying with us. They ended up joining us for the Wednesday Covenant small group (for married couples) tonight. It brought back a lot of memories because not only […]

Choices We Make

There is a phrase that I am fond of saying. I think I say it more intensely and in frequency right around this time of the year when so many people have to make decisions. The phrase? “Your decisions determine your destiny.” I am firm believer of this. As I look at my life, I […]

Crazy Mondays

Usually Mondays are rest days for pastors, but I have found out that Mondays are the best days to meet as a staff. Since a lot of things from the weekend are still fresh in our mind, we are able to give better evaluation and feedback, which in turns improves the ministry. We have also […]

Youth Revival Meeting Update

It has been awesome getting back to the high school and junior high scene – lots of energy and excitement. It was great working with Jericho Falls Ministry again and having them lead worship. They know how to get the house rocking. When we drove in to the church, there was a line that went […]

Youth Revival Meeting

        Later on today I will be heading out to New Jersey for a youth revival meeting. Sometimes I wonder if I can still minister to high school and junior high students, let alone college students. I am realizing that speakers all go through phases. As we get older, we have a […]

Right Place at the Right Time

My younger brother, Marc who lives out in California always has a knack of meeting various people wherever he goes. He thinks it is because of connections… I think it is because he is just at the right place at the right time 🙂 I need his anointing.                                                              Marc and whoever this […]

The Desert Series

        Whenever I meet up with people throughout the week, it is almost inevitable that I will talk with some people who are going through some “desert times.” It is not the easiest period to go through. I remember many “desert times” in my life and how difficult it was to stay […]

Another Snow Day

As a kid I remember loving the snow days when school was canceled. But now as a parent, I have some different thoughts on it. Early this morning the kids’ schools called and left messages on the answering machine that school will be closed. After I came back from morning prayer, I was a bit […]

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