Crazy Mondays

Usually Mondays are rest days for pastors, but I have found out that Mondays are the best days to meet as a staff. Since a lot of things from the weekend are still fresh in our mind, we are able to give better evaluation and feedback, which in turns improves the ministry. We have also found that it give amply time to prepare for things coming up on the weekend.

The last couple of days, I have been spending time with Pastor Peter Yoo from Chicago. He is on Spring Break and we are just chilling together. He is getting a peak into a day in a life of Pastor Seth.

Today we got up and went out to morning prayer. Then we worked out together (believe it or not he had his work out clothes and shoes). After driving the kids to school, we stopped by a café and got some coffee and headed out to the staff meeting.

After the staff meeting, we work on school stuff and sermon stuff. Then we had a quick dinner. I went off to do the video recording for this coming Sunday Celebration’s message while he ended up meeting with some people.

We finally got home now. Tomorrow we will start another day.

I think I am still trying to rest up from this past weekend’s revival meeting in New Jersey. It was truly a blessing to spend time with some of the NJ youth pastors and minister to the next generation of college students. Hopefully, we will see some of them at the U of M, Northwestern, UIC and University of Texas.
NJ Hosanna08.JPG
This was a crazy picture taken from the NJ Hosanna Revival Meeting by the praise leader as we were worshiping! Something does not look right in this picture, can you tell what it is? (bottom right hand corner)

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