Power Outages

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I have heard about the power outages that occur once in awhile in Indonesia. People have told me to be prepared for them because it happens randomly and the electricity can be out for hours. It was all head knowledge until we experienced our first power outage. Now, in the last 3-4 days we have experienced daily power outages and a couple of them have lasted for 7 hours.

Now, the rain season is starting, therefore I don’t know if the power outages are being caused by the rain. But all I know is that it disrupts life.

As I was reflecting during the power outages, I was reminded of several truths:

1) Dependence. You never really know how dependent you are on electricity until it is gone. There are a lot of things that you cannot do without electricity. I am still amazed that there once was a time when people did not have electricity. It is easy to go through life without learning how to depend on God for anything. We trust in our talents, gifts and wisdom. It is not until we are depleted or as we lose things, when we begin to realize that we need God. I am wondering if there are “outages” in our lives so that God can remind us that we need to depend on Him.

2) Disruptions. I hate disruptions. It causes us to lose control. We cannot achieve the things that we want to in our timetable. But God uses disruptions to speak to us. There are times when God has to get our complete and full attention in order for us to listen or hear what He wants to communicate to us. It is amazing the things that we miss out on throughout the day because we are consumed with ourselves. Disruptions help us to open our ears, our eyes, and our hearts to the things of God.

3) Diversification. Isn’t it incredible how human beings have the capacity to not only innovate and pioneer new things, but to think of various options when we are in difficult situations? Whenever our backs are up against the wall, we start to think “outside of the box.” In fact, unless we are forced to get out of our comfort zone, we will always “settle” for the ordinary or what is familiar. Since there were some things that I had to get done, I was able to find different ways to get them accomplished.

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