Old Covenant Small Group Members

It is always awesome to reconnect with old HMCC members. Today, Charles and Joyce Kim (and their kids) came to AA for a visit and they are staying with us. They ended up joining us for the Wednesday Covenant small group (for married couples) tonight. It brought back a lot of memories because not only were they the first couple that I married (I had to be reminded of that today) but they were one of the first couples that helped start up the Covenant small group.

We had an opportunity to catch up before small group.

I was blessed to hear that they are faithfully trying to walk with the Lord and even getting involved in their church. Charles and Joyce are both helping out with the worship team in their church, as well as leading a Sunday school class. They are also participating in a small group with other couples.

This just made me think about the important role they played in our church while they were here. They were one of the best couples when it came to hosting and reaching out to various people. Through their experience of biblical community here, they are now living it out in their context. The ripples are spreading.

Our family is looking forward to spending the next several days with them.

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