Opportunities to be the CBTW

CBTW? The Church Beyond the Walls. This is what we have been talking about for a year and a half in our church. In order for us to be a missional church, we have to go to where the people are and also consider finding ways to bring the Gospel to the people in fresh and creative ways.

This week, I was thinking about two opportunities to take the commitment to be the CBTW seriously:

1) Being a RA (Residential Advisor). This Friday, October 20th is the last day to apply. I met up with an RA this week and they were sharing how it was like small group ministry without Christ. Wow! What a great opportunity to bring the Gospel message to people who will never step into the four walls of the church. There are many freshmen who are lost and looking for community. I want to challenge some of you to go against the flow of living in nice, plush off-campus apartments and be where the action is. Don’t you want the basketball with 3 seconds left or don’t you want to be up to bat in the bottom of the ninth inning with runners on base? We have one life to live… and I pray that you will live it with purpose. If you want more information click here.

2) Marketplace Training Series. This Sunday and next Sunday the classes will be offered. If you invited your pre-Christians friends to a Holy Ghost prayer meeting, do you think they would come? If you invited your pre-Christian friends to an in-depth study of John Calvin’s view of Supralapsarianism, do you think they would come? How about if you invited them to a training series on things related to their future jobs? Topics like – “How to find an internship?” “What should I say during an interview?” “How do I go about finding the right job?” “What should I include in my resume?” “How do I network with others?” Do you think some of your pre-Christians friends would be interested? This is probably the easiest bridge to build or the easiest avenue for your friends to experience God. If you want more information and want to sign up online click here.

I want to challenge you to step up to the plate and swing – Magglio Ordonez style… come on now!

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