2012 HMCC Revival Meeting


Photo by HMCC-AA Documentation Team
It was a tremendous joy to host Pastor James and Faith Cha, as they spoke at our church’s congregational revival meeting this past weekend. Normally, we would have a retreat at this time, but we felt that God was calling us to have a revival meeting instead. The whole church came together to seek after God and it was a powerful time of experiencing God’s presence through worship, prayer and the preaching of the Word.

Now with several days to process everything that God was doing at the revival meeting, here are some lessons that God reminded me of through the revival experience:

1) CALLING. I was reminded of the importance of having a calling. When I heard about how God prepared both, James and Faith to go on the mission field, I realized (again) that it is God who calls and it is God who prepares us for the calling. Without a clear calling, it is easy to try to do things on our own wisdom and strength. But when the calling is strong, we know that it is God who is working in and through us. We are able to trust and wait upon God’s timing for everything. Lord, thank you for the calling that I have received to serve You, as your ambassador.

2) CONVICTION. It was amazing to hear some of the stories of how God used James and Faith on the mission field. The consistent theme and phrase that I kept on hearing was, “we fasted and prayed and then…” There were many times when they clearly heard from God and then they trusted by obeying God’s Word. When they lived with convictions and then responded in obedience, God opened up incredible doors for them. I want to continue to live with unwavering conviction on God’s Truth. Lord, give me strength to be faithful to the things that I believe in.

3) COMPROMISE. James and Faith shared many stories from their time on the mission field. One thing that stuck out for me was when they shared about many missionaries and God’s servants who compromised due to fear – whether it is from the possibility of persecution or from uncertainties in life. It is easy to live passionately when we are younger, but something happens to us as we get older. It becomes harder to live our lives with faith and trust when there are many things that tug at our hearts. This is when the hard times and struggles that we go through now are preparing us for what is to come in the future. Lord, help me to be faithful to the end, even to the point of death.

4) CONSISTENCY. The reason why the Cha’s messages were so powerful was because they lived out what they preached. It was very obvious that the things that they shared with us were things that they experienced firsthand on the mission field. When the message is consistent with the life of the messenger, then there is power. I had the privilege of spending some time with them throughout the revival meeting and every time I could feel the same passion and love for Jesus, whether they were in a public setting or a private setting. This life of consistency was a powerful witness to the work that God was doing in their lives. Lord, help me to be steadfast and to live with integrity in everything that I do.

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