Exercise and Mood

Christina has always been an advocate about exercise. She has even tried to convince me about the correlation between exercise and mood. She constantly reminds me of the importance of exercise – not only does she want me to live a long time, but she always references my mood and attitude with my unfaithfulness in exercising.

She uses herself as an example. She says, “Whenever I exercise, I feel so much better. I have a greater energy level and a better attitude.” This was her nice way of saying, “Listen Seth, you need to keep up with your exercise so that you have more energy for the family and your attitude will be better.” I think the latter is called nagging and the former is wisdom.

Regardless, she has been inspiring and motivating me to keep up my commitment of running 2 miles a day.

Recently researchers at the University of Vermont did a study that has now bolster her conclusions about exercise and mood. In this study they had two groups of college students. In one group, the students went on an exercise bike for 20 minutes. The second group did not exercise for the same period of time.

Afterwards, they filled out a questionnaire and they found that the people who exercised had a better mood.

Jeremy Sibold, an assistant professor in the Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Science at University of Vermont said, “It’s clear that exercise is critical for both physical health and mental health.”

Men: Listen to your wives!

You can read the article here.

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