God’s Unborn Child

  Photo by Michael Clancy       The above picture is a powerful image which was taken in August 19th, 1999 during an open fetal surgery for spina bifida. The unborn baby was little over 5 months in the womb when the surgical procedure was performed. You will notice the small little hands that […]

Greener on the Other Side

  Photo by Panoramio       I couldn’t help but to overhear a conversation at a cafe the other day. I was working on my paper and even with the music in the background their voices carried over to my ear. I was not eavesdropping… they just had very loud voices 🙂 One guy […]

The New Revolution in Iran

  Photo by Getty       When we hear of the words “Iran” and “Revolution” some will go back to the year 1979. Iran went through a revolution where monarchy rule was overthrown to become an Islamic Republic. This was a significance moment in history and reverberating went throughout other nations. Twenty years later, […]

Alumni Rippling Out the Vision

  I have been so encouraged by many of our alumni in recent years, especially the international ones. Whenever I travel around the world and make some stops in Asia, it is always a blessing to reconnect with them in their “home turf.” In many ways, it brings a sense of fulfillment for me to […]

Hope Restored

  Photo by Everyday Necessities       We live in a world where hope is so desperately needed. There is a longing and an ache in the hearts of humans to live with hope. It has been said, “A person can live 40 days without food… 3 days without water… 5 minutes without air, […]

The Need for One Another

  Photo by Tehilla Music       According to the Myers-Briggs personality tests, I am labeled as a ENTJ. People have recommended that another person who knows you well to take the test on your behalf. Christina took the test and answered the questions as if she was trying to describe me. I don’t […]

Setbacks and Obstacles

  Photo by Stanley Bronstein       Life sometimes gets frustrating when there are unending setbacks. It is like taking a step forward and then realizing that you are two steps back. This can easily produce discouragement, pessimism, despair, and apathy. Recently, I have been experiencing a wide range of emotions. With our departure […]

The Simplicity of Life

  Photo by Michael Flippo       Our family has been in the “get-rid-of-things-that-we-don’t-need” mode as we have been trying to pack for our one-year move to Indonesia. It is incredible to see all the “stuff” that a person can accumulate over a period of time. Several weeks ago, I went through my closet. […]

Exercise and Mood

        Christina has always been an advocate about exercise. She has even tried to convince me about the correlation between exercise and mood. She constantly reminds me of the importance of exercise – not only does she want me to live a long time, but she always references my mood and attitude […]

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