Alumni Rippling Out the Vision

I have been so encouraged by many of our alumni in recent years, especially the international ones. Whenever I travel around the world and make some stops in Asia, it is always a blessing to reconnect with them in their “home turf.”

In many ways, it brings a sense of fulfillment for me to see the alumni living out the vision and mission of HMCC in their home countries. In fact, recently, one of our alumni in Singapore gathered some of the other alumni together to encourage one another and to pray. They came to the realization that there are many international students at some of the top universities in their country.

Since they know what it felt like to be an international student in the States, God placed a burden in their hearts to reach out to international students in Singapore. There are students from China, Indonesia, India and many other countries. What a great way of reaching the nations. It is almost surreal to think that the international students that we reached out to when they were at the University of Michigan are now reaching out other international students in their home countries.

The exciting part of this whole thing is that as they reach out to some of the Indonesian international students, many of them will come back to Indonesia; and since we are starting this international church in July, they will have a church to connect with when they come back.

I am so proud of our international alumni.

Not only did they catch the vision but they are willing to make the sacrifice and carry on the ministry even after leaving Ann Arbor. The vision is truly becoming a reality through people who are absolutely sold out for God’s mission. No reservation, no regret, no retreat!

I can’t wait to meet up with them again when we head out to Indonesia in July. It is going to be an awesome year of not only planting our first international church, but to just reconnecting with our alumni who are sovereignly placed all over Asia and Southeast Asia.
Some of our alumni connecting with international students in Singapore

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