Greener on the Other Side

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I couldn’t help but to overhear a conversation at a cafe the other day. I was working on my paper and even with the music in the background their voices carried over to my ear. I was not eavesdropping… they just had very loud voices 🙂

One guy was talking about how he wanted to live out in NYC. Apparently, he visited NYC and he ended up becoming so envious of his friends. Since he was an artist, he began to lay out all the reasons why NYC was a better city to live in than Ann Arbor.

His voice became more passionate and he was so set on communicating to his friend of how he desperately needed to be in NYC. His biggest argument was the importance of the artist environment. He mentioned how his friends were constantly being challenged to be a better artist because there were so many things that stimulated creativity and inspiration to produce great art.

Even though this person’s argument was from the perspective of an artist, I have heard of the arguments before as people were conflicted in making choices about where to live and where to go after they graduate from UM.

On one hand, there is some validity when it comes to being in a specific environment for certain things; therefore the thought process is not completely off. But I guess the bigger question that we have to consider is – “Should we just look at one factor when it comes to making a decision about where to live or even what to do?”

As I am getting older, I am realizing that there are always many factors to a decision. Sometimes I wish things were simpler, but the fact of the matter is that decisions get harder as we get older.

Is it wrong to bank a decision on just one factor?

Should we take a job in a certain location even though there are other negative factors involved? Should a person stay in a community without any clear direction just because of a biblical community that they enjoy?

No matter where we are, the important thing is that we have to come to some resolutions:

1) Resolution #1 – We have to believe that wherever God is calling us to that it is where God wants us to be, even if that means only for a season. Without it, we will always be wondering “what if?”

2) Resolution #2 – We have make sure that we know our priorities or else we will be constantly on a search to find meaning; and we know from the writer of Ecclesiastes that things can definitely get meaningless.

3) Resolution #3 – We have to develop a greater heart of contentment because the human heart is so fickle. Contentment should never be based on circumstances or it will lead to a lot of frustration and unhappiness, which can lead to depression.

4) Resolution #4 – We have to count the cost. Every decision has ramifications; therefore we should weigh the pros and cons before we make a decision.

5) Resolution #5 – We should not allow fear to dictate our decisions but rather faith in a Great God, who is Sovereign. As the decisions have greater consequences, we need greater faith.

Is the grass greener on the other side?

Well, not always. This is why we making resolutions before we move in a direction is helpful.

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