Austin Update – 10.2011

In the last 3 years, I have been to Austin many times. It is always a joy to come down to Texas to 80 degree weather when it is in the 40’s in Ann Arbor. But more than the weather, it is a privilege to come to Austin and spend some time with Pastor Ben and his family, as well as with the HMCC of Austin family.

This was a special retreat and as I have mentioned to the HMCC-AUS family, “This was a mile-marker experience in our spiritual journey with Christ.” It is always humbling to know that God loves His people and His Church more than we can ever love it with our finite love. This is why I am constantly reminded of the importance of looking to Him to build up His Church (Mt 16:18).

There was definitely a new vibe in HMCC-AUS. They got some awesome freshmen who are excited for the things of God. They also raised up new leaders and servants who really demonstrated God’s heart, as they served at this retreat. They even expanded in their worship team.

God is moving down in Austin. One thing that really blessed me was that the church came together to fast and pray for 21 days. As soon as we started to worship and as soon as I opened my mouth to preach, God was already moving. Everything flowed so easily, which was a good reminder that preparation really does make a difference (Ex 19:10-19).

I am just thankful and humbled that I got the privilege of witnessing God’s power with front row seats!

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