Chile 10.2010 Update #1

After being here in Chile for less than 14 hours, I am more convinced than ever that God has truly opened this door for us as a church. God is doing some incredible things here. We are thankful that God has allowed us to partner up with Pueblo de Dios. Pastor Pete and I have been able to visit several churches and witness all that God is doing through the Body of Christ. I also had the privilege of preaching to the leaders of Pueblo de Dios church.

For me it has been a very sentimental experience. I didn’t realize how much of my missions experience has been in Latin America over the years. As soon as we landed in Chile, it brought back a lot of good memories from my experience in Peru. Chile is a beautiful country. It has a lot of incredible scenery with all its mountains. The people are also making an incredible impression on me. Whether it is the Latino culture or their love for people, it has been refreshing to be greeted warmly by their genuine love for people (hand shake, hug, hand shake and in that order!).

We will be heading out to the earthquake and tsunami affected areas tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers.

Here is a personal video from Pastor Pete and me.

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