L3 Part Three

We had another one of our Leadership Lesson Luncheon (L3) gatherings. We have been discussing and dialoguing about various leadership principles. So far we have covered the principles of influence and integrity; and today we discussed the principle of illumination.

One of the biggest struggles for college students is trying to get a God-centered vision for their lives; but as we take some practical steps, we will be able to start seeing things more clearly. I shared about five practices that we must engage in for the vision to be illuminated in our lives: 1) The practice of prayer, 2) The practice of solitude, 3) The practice of reflection, 4) The practice of observation, and 5) The practice of listening.

The amazing part of all this is that whenever we look back we notice 3 things:

1) God is the Initiator of all visions
2) God is the Inspirer for all visions
3) God is the Illuminator of all visions

Hope to see more of you come out to the next L3 meetings as we cover “The Principle of Implementation.”

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