American Idol and “Shout to the Lord”?

Did you hear? This week in American Idol at the closing of the program, the top 8 finalists all sang, “Shout to the Lord.” This is huge! Even though they took out the word, “Jesus” in the beginning (replaced it with “shepherd”), it really was shocking to hear that they sang a worship song on national television.

At this Q Conference, we saw a video that was produced by Charity Water and it talked about the need for clean water in various parts of the water. It was a powerful witness when we found out that this video was going to be played at the American Idol, as they were going to feature some of the charities that will be supported through Idol Gives Back.

The founder, Scott Harrison is a Christ-follower and has a powerful testimony of how everything got started. As he shared during one of the sessions, it reminded me of the importance of engaging the media world and making an impact through deeds of mercy.

Check out the video that was played during American Idol:

I am wondering if the producer of American Idol is a Christ-follower because someone influenced the show to have “Shout to the Lord” performed. Possibility. Also, it seems as if some of the finalists are believers as well. We are slowly approaching a time where people of faith are using the medium of the arts and media to be the “salt and light.” This is truly an exciting time. I am praying that we will see more people in the Church that will use their artistic talents to glorify Jesus Christ.

Here is the American Idol’s version of “Shout to the Lord”:

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