Q Conference Update 2

Today was another day of non-stop brain food being delivered within 18 minutes per session. I am still amazed how these communicators can speak on things that are on their heart for only 18 minutes. Not only does it take discipline, but it takes the wisdom to cut out all the “fat” and just give the people the lean beef.

The speaking line up today consisted of Louie Giglio who leads the Passion Ministries, Jamie Tworkowski who started To Write Love on Her Arms, Jim Wallis who leads Sojourners, Dave Gibbons, and other speakers engaging various sectors of society.

For lunch, I was invited by Leadership Network to connect with some other pastors and church leaders. It was cool meeting up with some guys who represented Michigan. Some people from Kensington Church in Troy and Westwinds Church in Jackson were there. It was great bringing some Michigan love to NYC.

In the afternoon, we all divided into different groups and went around to different part of the city to be part of learning communities. I went with the city church planting group. It was great having it at Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s office. We went over some basic principles of planting a church in the city and then Jon Tyson from Origins Church came and shares about some lessons he learned from planting his church. It is a great sounding church, especially as they are engaging the city in a whole new way.

Then in the evening there was a concert given by The Frey. Afterwards, there was an informal gathering of Asian-American pastors and leaders. We ended up hanging out with food and fellowship until the midnight hour. It was a blast.
Louie Giglio at Q Conf08.JPG
Louie Giglio talked about what he loves to talk about the most – the glory of God and college students!
Jim Wallis at Q Conf08.JPG
Jim Wallis reminding us that spiritual renewal was always the catalyst for change and not politics
The Fray at Q Conf08.JPG
The Fray did a mini-concert for us right in the middle of Gotham Hall

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