One Desire Fast 2012


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We are excited to start our One Desire Fast. All the HMCC churches are coming together in Spirit and in unity to seek God’s heart. I believe that we are going to see some incredible fruits from our time of fasting.

In this fast and throughout the whole year of 2012, we are going to focus in on 3 specific goals:

1) Read through the entire Bible in 1 year
2) Pray for at least 1 person to come to know Christ
3) Pray for a future site to open – Detroit, NYC, Kuala Lumpur & Hong Kong

With God help and His leading, we believe that we will hear some great testimonies in the near future. God is passionate about His glory and as we align our hearts with His, we are going to experience some awesome things.

If you haven’t signed up for a prayer slot, please do so here (don’t forget to make sure that you sign up from your specific site).

You can check out all the various people from the different HMCC sites who have signed up so far. It is exciting to see that even though we are hundreds and thousands of miles away, we are joined together under a common vision and mission.

Throughout this week, we will have pastors and leaders from each of the HMCC sites share some of their thoughts and expectations for this One Desire Fast. Come check it out every day throughout this week.

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