Prayer for the 40-Days

I was reading something this morning and I came across this quote by Luis Palau, “You can read all the manuals on prayer and listen to other people pray, but until you begin to pray yourself you will never understand prayer. It’s like riding a bicycle or swimming: You learn by doing.”

We have been encouraging everyone to make the focus of these 40 days on spiritual growth. One good way to grow spiritually is by prayer. I am hoping that these 40 days will spark a prayer movement in our church, even long after the purchase of the facility.

Some thing can be talked about, but there are some things that we just have to start doing. May we be more doers when it comes to prayer.

Remember there are 2 avenues for prayer. I hope you will choose at least one and start praying.

1) Morning Prayer – M-F at University Reformed Church (URC) at 6:30AM
2) Evening Prayer – M-Th at FCC’s Douglas Chapel at 10PM
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