2008 Easter at the Theater

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I am looking forward to having our Easter Celebration at the Michigan Theater again. Last year’s celebration was a blessing as we were able to use one of the historic theaters in Ann Arbor. By God’s grace we were able to pack out the place last year; and we are praying that God will do the same this coming year.

Our Easter celebration is always a treat for our family because we are able to worship all together. It is going to be great to see everyone in our church together, from the oldest to the youngest.

This week as people were sharing about how they were going to invite their friends and family members to this celebration, I felt a greater burden to pray and prepare for the service. It is always a privilege and an honor to host friends and family of people in our church. Every time I think about the trust they have in our church and in what God can do in a service like an Easter celebration, it reminds me of the great responsibility we have this coming Sunday. Just to think that people’s eternal destiny might be determined on this day makes me depend on God that much more.

We are praying for a great turn out and the power of the Holy Spirit to work, along with God’s Presence to come and visit us. We are starting our new series called, “Phenomenon” with Part 1: Death to Life. The great phenomenon is not only the resurrection of Jesus Christ but the lives that He is transforming in our church.

See you at the theater!
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The kids and I took a picture in front of our poster advertisement right in front of the movie theater

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