AMI Malaysia Trip 2007 Update 2

On the 3rd day of our conference, we had two sessions that was lead by Pastor Young. He shared from God’s Word and the TLT ministered to the missionaries by praying for very single one of them. We also had a great time of lifting up prayers for one another, as well as lifting up prayers for God to open up future doors the various mission fields.

Due to the British influence, we have several “tea times” throughout the day. It feels as if we are constantly eating and drinking some kind of tea or coffee. Somehow gaining weight is not going to be a problem here 🙂

In the afternoons, we get a couple of hours of break; therefore, Christina and I spent some time together walking around the city. Even though we are in some ways free without the kids, we were talking the other day and realized that it is not as fulfilling without the kids.

For dinner, we ended up splitting up to several groups according to our taste buds preferences. There was an Indian food group that Christina and I joined. It was truly a bonding experience… I didn’t know that many people in AMI loved Indian food. The Gospel and Indian food are truly two things that can bring various people together.
Young Preaching in MY.JPG
Pastor Young encouraging us from God’s Word
Starbucks Mug.JPG
A little “comfort logo” of home – they are taking over the world!
Christina and Seth.JPG
Christina and I took a picture in front of the hotel – we are enjoying the night life

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