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It was a bit difficult to get on a computer due to security reasons. The last two days have been crazy. As soon as we arrived in town, we checked into the hotel. Then the next morning, we did a quick tour of the city. It is incredible how quickly the city keeps on changing every time I come to visit. It is developing at light speed.

After lunch we headed out to another place to visit a company that has been a potential place for us teach English. When we arrived they gave us VIP passes to go walk around the facilities. It was breath-taking. They had living quarter for the workers of the company, along with a center that was like a little town with library, hair salon, grocery store, computer room, etc. all within the complex of the company.

Something that struck me was when I heard that ever since the company came, it has raised the overall level of life in the city – it brought in various businesses and the growth has been steady. We ended up having dinner with some of the key senior managers before our train ride back to our hotel. They took us to a Korean restaurant. Can you imagine that? Korean restaurants are everywhere in the world.

The thing that encouraged me was when of the senior managers said to us that his goal is to see a church planted in this city. More than seeing the company prosper, if there can be a national church where people can freely worship then one of the goals of the company would be achieved. Once again, it reminded me of the Kingdom mindset that we need to transform the world. When we understand that the things that we do are sometimes avenues for a greater purpose, then we can be faithful in the present to get to our future.

I will be heading out to the airport soon, but some of the other team members will be heading out to another city and the western part of the country to encourage the other workers on the field.

All the traveling has worn me out. I am looking forward to coming back home. I cannot wait to share with all of you more about the trip in person.
Here are some pictures:

The old side of the city – you can tell the British influence in the building structures.
This is the new side – the architecture is incredible out here.
Ah yes the mix of the old and new… the Gospel according to McDonald’s.
Pastor Bruce and I fell into temptation. We need some deliverance.
This is the train station! I have been discipled by the people and now I have mastered the art of “cutting in line.”
It was awesome to see the whole company in a miniature model.
Korean food anyone? Ah, a happy group of people who can testify with their stomachs.

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