S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 1

After a short layover in Tokyo, we arrived safely in Singapore at 1:30AM! Some of our current members had house that were big enough to house us, which was a tremendous blessing. The men stayed with one of the brothers and the women stayed with one of the sisters from our church. By the time we ended up going to sleep it was about 3AM.

We got an early start at 8:30AM and headed out to Chinatown to meet up with some of the other HMCC alumni for breakfast. The food court in Chinatown had a plethora of choices for Chinese food that can paralyze a person from Ann Arbor. We literally tried a little of everything!

Then we headed out to a convention center to meet up with a pastor from Indonesia who is doing some incredible work with the Dayak people in Borneo. It was quite amazing how his vision was in line with a lot of the things that we have our hearts on. He really has an apostolic ministry of church planting, pastor/leadership training school, school, and etc. They also have two orphanages. Pastor David’s ministry is reaching people holistically, as they are engaging the culture and reaching various parts of society.

Afterwards, we met up with some more HMCC alumni and walked throughout the center city of Singapore. It was the most I have walked in a long time! But it was good taking in the sights and also praying, as we saw various part of Singapore.

Then we all gathered at the Marina Centre to have dinner. We added a few more alumni and current members to the group by this time. Every year this group is getting bigger and bigger. We also had current members who are back in Singapore for summer break. They were all in various internships.

The hospitality and generosity of these guys were incredible. Oh boy, did these guys know how to order the food. The Chili Crab and some of the noodle dishes were slamming. We were truly blessed.

To top off the night, after dinner, we went out for dessert. We just ended up talking and hanging for hours. As I looked out at the group, I was just thankful that God brought us all together. It is hard to believe that the thing that brought us together was not only Jesus Christ, but by our common experience at HMCC.

I am truly seeing the ripples that were sent out from Ann Arbor reach all the way to Singapore.

Tomorrow, we will be heading to Hong Kong to meet up with some other alumni and current members. We are going to also scout out this global city for a future church plant. It is just amazing how our global connections through our alumni are opening up so many different doors for us. God is truly good.
Rebi and Foodcourt.JPG
The choices for breakfast was overwhelming for Rebi, but he was a happy man 🙂
Pastor David.JPG
Meeting Pastor David was a great honor for us
Esplanade Theatre.JPG
The Esplanade Theatre or affectionately known as the “Durian Building”
Jumping Off Statue.JPG
Our team trying to rescue the jumping children
Statue Picture.JPG
This was suppose to be a serious picture, but Rachel could not hold back her laugh
Band in Mall.JPG
Music is huge in S.E. Asia! They have random bands playing in the malls
Singapore Reunion.JPG
We ended the night with a typical “Asian” picture with our victory signs

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