2007 SE Asia Update 7

What a busy day! Pastor Paul and I started off today with a crazy taxi ride to get to our first meeting. The taxi driver was very confident in finding the address but by the time we were in the car, I realized that he was lost. But by God’s grace we were able to find the meeting place but it was quite an adventure. I want to state for the record that I have discovered the longest signal light ever – we waited at a signal light for close to 6 minutes!

We arrived at the church where they were having the pastors’ meeting. It is unique here because it is hard for churches to buy land and build a facility. This is when outside of the box thinking comes in. Therefore, some of their members started up a business and then they got the right to buy and build. Then “the business owners” leased it out to the church. Do you know what kind of business it is? It is a warehouse for chairs… and they sure do have chairs… all 2,000 of them… all neatly in a row 🙂

The exciting thing about this group of pastors is that they are addressing the situation with Lina Joy that was on the news. They have joined forces with the leaders of other faiths to stand unified on the issue of religious freedom in Malaysia. This is huge because if they can get the case overturned then it will be easier to share the Gospel to Muslims.

Then we went to visit Chinatown in KL and the Petronas Twin Towers. It was quite an adventure as well. We found out that it was free to go in but we needed to have tickets. But they were all out. It is so frustrating to be so close but not being able to go up the towers. Therefore, I ended up talking with some people. One of the good things about preachers is that they know how to talk and they learn how to be persuasive 🙂 By God’s grace we were able to squeeze in… I am sure they broke some protocol.

Afterwards, Pastor Paul, Penny (a former HMCC members) and I went out for some real Malaysian food.

Tomorrow we will be meeting with one of the key leaders for Campus Crusade for Christ in Malaysia. Then we will also meet up with a business man who is also a pastor. He has been trying to reach out to the various people groups who are coming from different nations to either study or work in Kuala Lumpur. It is going to be another full day… but it is exciting.
Entering Downtown KL.JPG
This is the gate that people have to pass in order to enter into downtown KL
Mosque in the city.JPG
This is one of the main mosque in the city
Chinatown in KL.JPG
The start of Chinatown… Pastor Paul looks amazed!
Chestnuts Roaster.JPG
This was a unique chestnut roaster – I couldn’t resist buying some
Penny and Me in front of Towers.JPG
Penny and me in front of the famous Petronas Twin Towers
Paul and Penny.JPG
Before going up the towers we were “indoctrinated” with the Petronas with a 3-D presentation
Tower's View.JPG
It was an incredible view with the sunset – I was able to pray for the city
Tower Office View.JPG
I was coveting the office spaces – it would be a perfect office space 🙂
Truly Malaysian Cuisine.JPG
We enjoyed one of the best Malaysian foods in KL – we were humbled

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