2007 SE Asia Update 6

We finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur! It was quite a trip from Pekanbaru to Medan and then from Medan to KL. It is great to have Penny (a former member in our church) pick us up at their airport. In fact, I found out that she took the whole week off in order to serve us. When I found this out it really blessed me. When I see the level of sacrifice that people make in order to be a blessing it is refreshing and encouraging.

As soon as we arrived, we had dinner with a contact that Pastor Paul had. He was a college recruiter who stopped by Pekanbaru in the past. His parents were pastors so we were able to hear about some of the things that were happening in KL. The most encouraging part was that they planted a church 8 years ago when they were in their 60’s! It is awesome when people answer the call no matter what age they are in.

We are settled in a hotel and tomorrow morning we will be going to a pastors’ meeting to meet other pastors in KL.

I am falling in love with the city already – it is busy, clean and the architectural landscape is incredible. Malaysia is truly a cross-section of the nations.
Pastor's family in KL.JPG
After dinner we went to the pastor’s home for some ice cream and we ended up sharing our testimonies
Starbucks in KL.JPG
This is a Starbucks sighting picture on the move… Starbucks = Globalization!

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