Charlotte Gathering Update 2

We spent yesterday talking about the “Kingdom of God” theology and how it affects the way we engage the world. It was a pretty heavy theological discussion. We went through the whole evangelical movement in America and looked at some of the pros and cons. It is interested to note how many things we take for granted in our suppositions on things. It is not until it gets challenged that we realized that we held on to beliefs that we have not really thought about.

Today we are going to spend more time in applying the kingdom of God theology into our various ministries. Just having all the various views and personalities in the room is helping me to stretch my thinking and perspective.

We are also going to present some of our conclusions to a handful of guys who are making their way here to Charlotte. They have gracious donated some funds so that we can even be here. As they have imparted to us with resources, we are going to impart to them with some of the knowledge that we have glean in the last 3 days.

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