2007 AMI Leadership Summit

I am pretty excited about the AMI leadership summit, which will hosted by Acts Community Church in New Jersey. Some of the leadership team in HMCC will be joining me this weekend. I am leaving today to meet up with the Trans-local Team (TLT) before the whole conference starts on Thursday night.

I am looking forward to this conference for a several reasons:

1) Christina will be going with me. I always love it when she is able to come out to these kinds of meetings with me – learning together does wonders for a marriage.

2) We will have Reggie McNeil as one of our guest speakers. He wrote the popular book, “The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church”. We can always learn something from people who are on the cutting edge of ministry.

3) I will be able to reconnect with like-minded people and also develop new friendships and relationships. We will have many new guests around the world that will be joining us at this summit.

I will try to update all of you throughout the conference.