Da Bulls vs. Dee-troit

Some of the guys in our church were able to snag some playoff tickets and invited me to come join them. Now in retrospect, I think they wanted to humble me since they know that I am a Bulls fan.

One of them even mentioned that they had a Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordon retro jersey… which he gladly and willingly allowed me to wear.

I should have known better.

As soon as we parked the car and were walking into the arena, people were swearing at me – all because of my jersey. Even as we were walking into the arena trying to find our seats, people were snickering at me.

I told these guys – “I feel a sermon illustration coming!”

I realized that it was either stupidity or my dedication and commitment to Chicago sports teams that caused me to wear the jersey in hostile territory. It is a little bit like what life is like when we have to live out the Christian faith in a hostile world. I told the guys that I might be a martyr by the end of the game! 🙂

It was a sad night since the Bulls lost by the score of 108-87. On the positive side of things, the Bulls are slowing improving from Game 1.

As we were filing out of the arena, I was thinking that I was safe since the Bulls lost but I was verbally accosted again – man, Detroit… where’s the love?! Just wait until Detroit plays in Chicago.
Pistons-Bulls Game - Fire.jpg
  The intro for the game was pretty “hot” – we could literally feel the heat from the flames!
Pistons-Bulls Game - Dyon and me.JPG
  Only Jesus can bring people together.
Pistons-Bulls Game.JPG
  Props to the boys that know how to bless their pastor.

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