Getting the Heart Back

We finished off the summit tonight. It was amazing how much we were able to finish and not be distracted by all the various rabbit trails that we are sometimes (or should I say that I am sometimes) tempted to follow. I praise God because we were not only able to reflect and review this whole 2007 year, but we were able plan out some macro (and micro) level things. It is our prayer that we will get back to a place where everything is flowing out of our love relationship with Christ.

If there is any one theme that stuck out for me is simply – “getting the heart back.” In many ways we have lost our heart for Christ and the church. Therefore, there are so many of us who have just survived by going through the motions. But God wants us to not just survive but thrive. This takes ruthless actions as we do whatever it takes to guard our time with Christ and grow in our intimacy with Him.

As we get our heart back, I am confident that God is going to use us as His vessels for His glory… what an awesome privilege we have. The year 2008 is going to be filled with awesome surprises and we give God all the glory.

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