Early Christmas 2007

It was great meeting up with some of the men that I am spending time with in our church this morning. This group is special because many of them are either thinking about pastoral ministry or wanting to be part of a church plant in the future. We just sat around with some good coffee and talked about transforming the world – a topic that I can talk about for days!

Then, the family and I opened up our Christmas presents before heading out to Chicago. It was awesome seeing the joy on our kids’ faces when they opened up their Christmas presents. Seeing people’s faces light up with joy is a great motivator for giving. It is something that you cannot trade for the world.

We followed our tradition of baking a birthday cake for Jesus and then we sing happy birthday… followed by eating the cake.

Then in the early afternoon we headed out to our married couples’ Christmas party. It was a blast. Whenever the married couples in our church can get together to just hang out and have fun it is always a blessing.

Now we are getting ready to head out to Chicago to spend some time with my extended family and Christina’s side of the family. It will be great for the kids to reconnect with their uncles and aunt.

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