2008 H-Games

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Tomorrow we are going to have our annual H-Games as a whole church. This is one event that all the different lifestages come together for. I enjoy it because this is where we can have some great fellowship and fun together as a church.

It is interesting to see some of the college student peeking over at the married couples and families. I don’t know what goes through their minds, but I am guessing that they think the older folks in our church are too old for the competition. But as I have been sharing, it is not so much about the youth but more of the wisdom (knowing when to run).

For the last several years, the single adults in our church have won the championship trophy. The married couples LIFE Groups have at least placed in the top 3 in different years. But this year, the college students are pretty pumped to put the older people in our place.

We shall see… it will be an epic battle. We will take no prisoners.

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