Built to Last in Chicago

Right after the HMCC of Ann Arbor congregational retreat we drove out to Detroit Airport to fly into Chicago for Sunday Celebration. I realized (after the fact), we could have driven out to Chicago from the retreat center because it would have been faster. Oh well, you’ve got to love the airplane snacks!

We just finished off a 2-part series in HMCC of Chicago called, “Built to Last.” We looked into 2 of the metaphors that the Bible uses to describe the Church – the House of God and the Body of Christ. I was so encouraged because I think some of the people in Chicago are slowly getting a vision of what the church could be like…

This is very exciting for me because I realized that once I caught a vision for the local church, God propelled me into a deeper understanding of His heart… His heart for me and His heart for the world. This is my prayer for the members in Chicago – that we will no longer do church as business as usual.

The foundations are being laid and people are experiencing God.

It was encouraging to see so many people come out to church today… God is moving.

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