2007 Reflections

The Board members and I spend some time reflecting, repenting and recalibrating. We were able to praise God for a lot of things this past year. God has truly been faithful to us as a church. We have seen transformed lives and God was opening many doors for us.

But the sobering part of it all was the fact that we have lost a lot of the heart and passion behind things. A lot of it hinged on the fact that people were not growing deeper in their spiritual life. Also, due to all the busyness there has been a breakdown of discipleship, which is one of our core DNA. This also contributed to the fact that people were not getting trained to live out their ministry and destiny in Christ.

We spent some time in prayer – which is sometimes the only thing we can do.

For 2008, we know for sure that we have to address some of these issues. It really doesn’t matter what God is calling us to do because if we don’t have some of the basics down then we will be build on sinking sand (Mt 7:24-27).

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