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Someone from the States asked me if I can update about the earthquake situation in Indonesia on my blog. The reason behind the request is that people hear the news about the earthquakes (there have been more recently) and the terrorist bombing and they want to know if our family and the team are safe.

For those of you who want a faster update, it might be better to sign up to follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I usually update things on Twitter as soon as things happen; therefore signing up for Twitter will be faster. But since I have set up my Twitter updates to go directly to my Facebook, either one will do.

But I am definitely on Twitter a lot more. In fact, I have written about a theory that I had regarding why guys like Twitter more than Facebook. You can read about it on a past blog post here.

You can sign up for my Facebook updates here and my Twitter updates here.

Please continue to pray for us.

We are humbled to know that there are many people around the world who care for us and are praying for us. Thanks for your partnership in the Gospel.

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