All the Fishes in the World

Yesterday we headed out to the Shedd Aquarium near downtown Chicago. I found out that Mondays and Tuesday are what they call “free” days. I write, “free” in quotes because if you really want to see the good stuff, you still have to pay (ah, the wisdom of marketing).

It was incredible to see all the various types of fish in the world. In this indoor aquatic world, they said that there were close to 650 species of fish, reptiles and amphibians from across the globe. The family and I enjoyed the 90,000-gallon Caribbean coral reef exhibit and also the dolphin shows. It was quite a sight.

After this more than ever, I really want to have a fish tank with some colorful salt water fish and coral reef. It really has an inspiring and soothing feel to it. Maybe after hours of sermon preparation or counseling people, I can just sit in the office and get mesmerized by staring at the fish.

Afterwards, we went to our favorite milkshake place, Oberweis and just chilled. We played a couple of games of chess and headed back to my parents’ place. The thing that make it worth it all was when we were walking inside the house, one of the kids said, “This was one of the best days”… then I thought to myself, “more ‘best days’ are to come… this is the desire of the father’s heart.”

Here are some pictures:
Frog and Me.JPG
I couldn’t stop laughing at this frog because it was just chillin’ on this piece of log
Waiting for the Dolphin Show to begin
A dolphin in action – they are pretty intelligent creatures… definitely graceful.
Shedd Aquarium1.JPG
We were enjoying the view

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