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Due to the Thanksgiving break, our family is all in Chicago right now. We were talking about what we wanted to do with our time together (the whole week). The talk about visiting museums, eating good food and spending time with grandpa and grandma came up. But one of our kids said, “It would be good to visit the Chicago church” (huge brownie points).

So yesterday the family drove out to Chicago after Sunday Celebration and we all met at the HMCC of Chicago Sunday Celebration. It was good to have the whole family at the service. As I was reflecting, I realized that it was good for my family to see what was going on in Chicago. Sundays used to be a day where we were able to relax and have a good meal together as a family. Now that day has been replaced with daddy flying out to Chicago and preaching at the Chicago church plant.

It is my sincere prayer that my children will be able to see that when they allow people “to borrow” daddy for a little bit that their sacrifice is worth something. The last thing I want is the typical pastor’s kid’s story of hating the church because it took daddy away from them. I want them to love the Church… to love ministry… to love serving God and His purposes.

I think they were willing to sacrifice 107 minutes (Josiah was counting) so that now they can go to all the museums in Chicago in the next few days. I’m looking forward to it.

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