Chicago Weekend of 04.19.08

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I will be heading out to Chicago this weekend. It will be another jam packed couple of days with gatherings and meetings. Christina and I talked this morning that it if we had to choose between laziness and busyness, we would choose busyness. But she did say, she wouldn’t mind a better balance 🙂

We started a new series in the Chicago side called, “Unwrapping the Gift of Grace.” Pastor Jimmy and I realized that a lot of hindrances in our Christian walk is when we do not have a good perspective on the concept of grace. People either lean towards “cheap grace” (in the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer) or legalism. We are praying that this series will be liberating.

I will also be meeting up with the UIC guys to continue to pray and get things ready for a future site and/or church plant. The needs are incredible and many. But we have people who are willing to answer God’s call. This is another piece of the greater puzzle in fulfilling our church’s mission. These are exciting times!

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