Oprah and Her Religion

I have a confession to make. The handful of episodes that I have watched of the Oprah Show in my lifetime was pretty moving. I think she has a way of connecting with people like no one else. It is truly like a worship experience for many people, as their hearts are tugged and moved with the testimonies of people and with heart-wrenching stories of pain and struggle, but of ultimate victory.

It is no wonder she is one of the most powerful person in the world. Who else can mention a book on their book club and the following week it is #1 on the New York Times best-seller list? Who else can get any Hollywood star to appear on their show? Who else can get people to rally together to make a reality television show about giving. She is truly influential.

In fact, I have heard from many Christians that they get inspired by her, which is understandable especially when she demonstrates tremendous generosity and love towards people. I have respect for her.

Recently, Oprah has been connected with author, Eckhart Tolle who wrote, “A New Earth.” In many ways, some of the excepts and reviews of the book appear to be “Christian” because of some of the messages of the human condition and how we have to find peace. But the problem is that even though the description of the human condition is correct, the prescription of solving it leaves out repentance and the redemptive work of Christ. Many people have mentioned that Tolle’s book is a New Age philosophy with a different packaging.

The real packaging came off when a flurry of YouTube videos came out talking about her views about Christianity. Honestly speaking, when I looked through some of the video, I thought the people who made them perpetuated a hated filled view that the secular people have of Christians who hold to exclusive claims of Christ.

But nonetheless, Oprah is influencing a lot of people with her message. This just reinforces the fact that Christians need to learn how to discern the truth and then speak the truth in love. We need to learn how to dialogue in a respectful way with people who had different views from us. More than arguments, may people see the truth lived out.

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