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This past Sunday I had some of the men that I am spending time with come over to my place for a bbq. After eating our “manly” hamburgers, I had them go around and share how their ministry to other men in the church was coming along.

Too often we are focused on programs and events that we forget that Jesus’ command was to go and make “disciples.” It is always easier said than done. When we disciple people it is all about the life-on-life principle. When the people we are discipling do not see our lives, then it is hard to impart anything to them.

There is something about bringing our lives up close and personal that allows people to see what following Christ is all about. People in our generation have heard too much about discipleship and now they just need to see it.

In the past some years we have seen an increase in concern (grumblings from some of the women in the church) about Christian men. They have noticed traits like: immaturity, irresponsibility, laziness, unfocused, purposelessness, passionless and the list goes on.

Now, in defense of the male gender, I would say that we are still growing in Christ and doing our best to be more Christ-like since “manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous.” But when I honestly assess some of the brothers, I realized that we are in somewhat of a crisis. It is getting harder to find men who are passionate about Christ and the things of the Kingdom and who are willing to take responsibility.

I would love to see our church become like an epicenter for producing godly men. When men are discipled to be sold out Christ-followers then you will have a strong church. We have to start with one man at a time.

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