An Alumni Blessing

It is always good to reconnect with our HMCC alumni. There are times when I wonder if some of the graduates from our church are living a life of transformation. Ever since the start of our church, we have always been committed to “transforming lives and transforming the world.”

This is why it is always encouraging to hear from our alumni who are growing and making a difference in their mission field. Recently, in our Winter Congregational Retreat we had some alumni come back to worship with us.

One person in particular ended up sending me an e-mail about what God was showing him. I thought I would share it with you to remind us of the mission. It is these kinds of testimonies that helps us to persevere in the good times and the bad times.

I left Ann Arbor in August to come to Bloomington and start a Masters program at Indiana University. During the first semester, I took a bit of different walk with God, and appropriately so. I was transitioning to a new school, a new church, a whole new life stage. I didn’t know anyone here, so it took some time to rebuild the community. As such, I my Christian walk focused more on the personal time I had with God and my life was spent getting used to the surroundings. I quickly found a church and a small group and starting planting my roots. By the end of the first semester, I had found my place in this community and was feeling good about this new direction.

After returning from the winter break, I starting feeling a general uneasiness about life. Things were still going well, but I felt somewhat unfulfilled with my life. Something was missing. It was then that I went to the HMCC winter retreat. It’s amazing how quickly that space felt like home. On one hand, there was something very familiar with that space of worship. But more important, I knew from the moment I walked into the worship space that it was covered with much prayer. I knew I was in God’s presence.

The next 48 hours were amazing. God used Pastor Mark to speak to where I was. Over those 2 days, I was reminded that in my core, a message resounded with the core of HMCC, to transform lost people and transform the world. I was able to see with fresh eyes that focus as it has penetrated every aspect of HMCC. I rediscovered this love and passion by again being in a community that loves it. Back in Bloomington, I am beginning to see how that focus on transformation can be applied in an entirely different setting, and it’s been amazing to see God work through the same Spirit but in different contexts. I am hopeful for what is to come in the next year and a half I have here!

It was refreshing to again be at the place where I grew for 9 years. I praise God for His community in Ann Arbor and for what He is doing through HMCC. I will be praying for the church and the things that are happening there. May God continue to show His favor to Harvest!

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