MLK 2011

Throughout history, there were people who made an indelible mark on the hearts of humankind and in society. In fact, they became the catalyst for starting movements that transformed the world. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a person who lived in a time in American history where there were enormous injustices. King dared to stand on his convictions and became a spokesperson for the Civil Rights Movement; and history was never the same.

God is constantly raising up people in different generations to be an agent of change and transformation. In the 1960’s we had Martin Luther King, Jr., but who is God raising up in the new millennium? It is encouraging to see many young people today who are living their lives with purpose and passion. We are definitely on the cusp of something great in our generation.

So, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., here is a full version of his speech. It is definitely worth the view.

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